TEST: Should I preserve my egg cells?

TEST: Should I preserve my egg cells?
The age to become a mother has been pushed to what some years ago was impossible. Nowadays it is common to become a mother after 40, something which, when our parents got married seemed to be utopia. Many women are ... Read more »

When infertility is a man issue

‘The percentage of patients with man infertility is considerable’ Man infertility is deemed to exist when, after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse without conceiving a child, a complete test of the couple reveals that the causes of infertility are ... Read more »

What is the male factor infertility?

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The male factor infertility represents approximately a 30% of all causes of infertility. The abnormal quality of the sperm affects practically a half of the couples that present fertility issues. Since in these cases the chances of achieving a natural ... Read more »

5 good reasons to preserve your fertility

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Nowadays assisted reproduction techniques allow us to delay the age at which we have children thanks to the freezing or cryopreservation of a woman’s eggs when she is still at a fertile age. On the other hand, according to the ... Read more »

Special World No Tobacco Day

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The 31st of May the world celebrates the World No Tobacco Day, which seeks to promote its consumption reduction to contribute to the development of society. From IVF Spain we wish to highlight how harmful tobacco is for reproductive health. ... Read more »