When infertility is a man issue

‘The percentage of patients with man infertility is considerable’ Man infertility is deemed to exist when, after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse without conceiving a child, a complete test of the couple reveals that the causes of infertility are ... Read more »

5 good reasons to preserve your fertility

foto preservar alargada
Nowadays assisted reproduction techniques allow us to delay the age at which we have children thanks to the freezing or cryopreservation of a woman’s eggs when she is still at a fertile age. On the other hand, according to the ... Read more »

Marie’s unbelievable pregnancy

Marie pregnancy
45-year-old Marie is currently in week 22 of her pregnancy, but her case truly is a special one: she suffers from endometriosis and only had a single viable embryo during her treatment. However, miracles do occur when science and cutting-edge ... Read more »

Magnetic Sperm Selection

Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting
IVF-Spain provides its patients a new method of sperm selection (MACS or Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) MACS is a new technique that allows us to clear out from a sperm sample apoptotic spermatozoa, whose genetic material is damaged and hence ... Read more »

What happens with my vitrified embryos?

What will happen with my vitrified embryos after the fertility treatment? Since the alerts popped out a couple of years ago after a publication in the United Kingdom about illegal embryo donation, many questions have arisen in this aspect. How ... Read more »