TEST: Should I preserve my egg cells?

TEST: Should I preserve my egg cells?
The age to become a mother has been pushed to what some years ago was impossible. Nowadays it is common to become a mother after 40, something which, when our parents got married seemed to be utopia. Many women are ... Read more »

What is the male factor infertility?

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The male factor infertility represents approximately a 30% of all causes of infertility. The abnormal quality of the sperm affects practically a half of the couples that present fertility issues. Since in these cases the chances of achieving a natural ... Read more »

Rules Help When Talking About Infertility

When couples have difficulty getting pregnant, the amount of information they share with family and friends may depend on who feels more stigmatized by the problem, a new study finds. Researchers interviewed 50 infertile couples and assessed their support networks. ... Read more »

Why IVF treatments sometimes fail?

Several factors can lead to in vitro fertilization (IVF) failure Many women who have already undergone a cycle will not succeed in subsequent cycles. While not all issues related to IVF failure can be corrected, others can be addressed in ... Read more »

Choosing the perfect Fertility Clinic

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When a couple or a single woman wants to start an assisted reproduction treatment, there are many elements to take into account to choose the most appropriate fertility clinic. Decision may change depending wheter you follow an emotional aspect, such ... Read more »